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               I watched as you trained. I couldn't help but envy and hate you all at the same time. All
the kids loved you even their parents. While on the other hand they thought of me as a
monster. Someone that wants to kill them all. But to tell you the truth all I want is a friend.

A true friend that won't judge me of what was place inside of me but the real me. As i sat
in the tree watching I noticed that three other kids were coming towards you. I watched
as they came behind you and pushed you to the ground. I got mad. Why did they mess
with you? You never did any thing to them. I jumped from the tree and walked towards
them. I could hear them laughing and hiting you at the same time.

"Leave her alone!" I yelled. All four girls turned to me. "G-Gaara!" the three girls stammered. They started to back away. "If I ever catch you near her again you're all dead. Understand?" I asked
them. Before they left they all nodded and ran. "Thank you for helping me." you said. I
turned to you. You had a big smile on her face. "I'm y/n." You said offering your hand. I
stared at your hand for a minute before grabbing it. "I'm Gaara." I finally said. The smile
in your face got bigger. "Hello Gaara. Want to be friends?" You asked.

I stared at you in shock. You wanted to be my friend? Why would you? Don't you know what i am? All this questions were gong thourgh my head. "Why would I want too be friends with you? I only
helped you 'cuz i don't like people bothering other people." I replied. 'Great is that all you
can say to her? To a girl who wants to be my friend!' I thought myself. I stared at you for
a minute.

Why are you still smiling? "Yeah, your right. sorry I asked you." You said as you
turned and left. I watched as your figured disappeared. 'you had to ruin the only chance
you got to get a friend!' I yelled to myself. I turned and went back home.

The next day I went back to the place to where you were training and found you there. I was about to
leave when i heard someonecall my name. "Gaara!" I turned to you. 'just greet her and
get going' I said to myself. "What do you want?" I asked. You smiled at me. "Would you
mind training with me?" You asked all shyly. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever." I said. I didn't know
when i started to have fun training with you every day but all I knew was that I like it. I liked
having you around. It was mid Sunday when you decided that we should take a break
from training and just hang out. I didn't know why I let you drag me around everywhere

but some how we ended up at a cafe. As i sat there I thought to myself 'I wonder if I
should tell her about me...would she run away?' I watched as you ordered. "Y/n I have to tell you
something about me..." I didn't know where to start. You stared at me. "Gaara how about
we talk later...I also have to tell you something." You replied. I sat quietly while you ate.

When you were done we went to the park to hang out. I followed you to the swings. "So
Gaara what do you want to talk about?" You asked staring at me with big e/c eyes. I took
a deep breath. "Y/n why do you hang out with me? Didn't you know what I am?" I asked. I
focused my eyes to the ground. I didn't want to look at your face for the moment. there
was silence for a few minutes before you answered. "Yes. I know that you have a demon
inside, but I don't care. I know you a nice person Gaara..." You started to say. I stared at
you. "I hang out with you b'cuz you nice and fun to be around. even if you don't want to be
friends, I know that you lonely and I don't want you to be." You said staring into my eyes. I
stared back. "Why aren't you afraid?" I asked. "B'cuz you saved me." You replied.

You got up and walked in front of me. The next thing I knew you lips were against mine. You
lips were soft and small. They were also warm. I never felt so warmth in my life. I pulled
you close to me. I felt you wrap your arms around my neck. After a few minutes we
broked apart to breath. "Gaara this whole week and maybe before that I wanted to be
your friend but I didn't know what to say or do. But this whole week my love for you had
grown even more. I-I lo--" You said with a smile on your face. I broked you of by kissing  
on your lips. "I love you too." I said with i smile. I finally had someone to love and
someone to love me back. Even if i have the montser inside of me nothing would never
stop me from loveing you any more.
Ok this short story is for readers. This is my first one that i ever put on the computer for every one could see/read. I hope you like it. X3

P.S I DO NOT own Naruto~!
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